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Can I add a sales tax or a fee to a specific item(s)?


A tax such as sales tax can be added and then applied to relevant items. The tax or fee can be set as a percentage and will be applied at the point of payment. 

Any tax collected is included in the payment processed by Stripe and deposited to the bank account associated with the Stripe account. It is the responsibility of the campaign adminstrator to pay the tax and complete any relevant forms to comply with local laws. 

Important Notes about Adding Taxes in GalaBid

1) For the tax to take effect it must also be added in the specific item(s). 

2) In order to take effect, the tax needs to be applied to items before a bid is placed or the item is purchased. (Once the tax has been added to the item the participant view of the campaign will include a statement on the item description stating that the tax will be added to the winning bid. Note that if a tax is added to an item after the winning bid has been placed the tax will not be added to the invoice.) 

3) A note appears on the item(s) so that the bidder or purchaser is made aware of the tax before they place a bid or make a purchase. 

Step 1

First go to Setup > TAX/INVOICING.  


Next add the name of the tax (label), enter the percentage and choose to add or include in the subtotal. Remember to click SAVE at the bottom of the page. 

Step 2 

a) Applying the tax to an individual item.

To apply the tax to a specific item go to Items and edit the item. Under the item description box expand Advanced Options to reveal the Tax field. Select the name of the tax and Save the item. 


b) Applying the tax to multiple items via Bulk Update

Go to Items > Bulk Update. Select all the items where tax needs to be applied. Click next. Toggle on the Tax option and select the name of the tax set up.