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Can I use another payment processor instead of Stripe?

Voluntary Contribution and Fixed Fee Campaigns

Voluntary Contribution and Fixed Fee campaigns' payments are all required to go via Stripe. 

Connecting or Setting up Stripe

An existing Stripe account can be connected or a new one can be set up from within the campaign's dashboard. 

Setting up a Stripe account can be a fast process. It's not necessary to a business or a charity. Individual/Sole Trader is the default option when setting up a Stripe account. The campaign GalaBid url can be entered as the web address when setting up a Stripe account an individual/sole trader. 

For more specific support relating to your Stripe account kindly contact Stripe directly. https://support.stripe.com/questions/contact-stripe-support

Stripe fees are very competitive. For specific information on the transaction fees charged by Stripe in your region visit Stripe.com

Australian & New Zealand Clients

In addition to integrating with Stripe, Australian & NZ campaigns can take payments using alternative payment methods, however these alternatives are not integrated with GalaBid. Alternatives include any online payment processor, bank transfer, cash, check/cheque. Once a payment is made using one of these alternatives the campaign manager on a license fee campaign has the option to mark the payments as paid by manual card payment, cash, check, bank transfer. 


For example, a charity could direct winners to pay via the charity's website. The payments would need to be manually reconciled with the invoices in GalaBid and marked as paid by manual card payment.