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How do I create, view and resend a voucher?

The Voucher Feature

The Voucher feature, available in GalaBid, helps auction administrators streamline the distribution of auction prizes once the auction has closed. Administrators simply add details of how the prize is to be collected/booked/redeemed to the voucher section for each item/prize. The voucher also includes the item description and the primary image. Then, when the winner makes their payment, GalaBid automatically sends the voucher to the winner by email. 

Creating a Voucher

Go to Items, then edit an existing item or create a new one. In edit mode expand the Advanced Options under the Item Description Box. 

Next check the box to enable vouchers. A description box will be revealed. Here add the details relevant to the specific prize. For example "To redeem your prize please contact John Smith at Luxury Resorts on xx@xx.com" 

A a jpg/png voucher image can be added by clicking the image button. 

The voucher will also contain the item description and the lead image for the item as per the listing on the campaign. 


Receiving a Voucher

Once payment has been registered on GalaBid the winner will automatically receive their voucher notification. This will be via email or text message. 


Participants click the voucher button to open up the Vouchers page on the campaign.


If the voucher is sent via email a copy of the voucher will also be attached to the email. 

Delivery via Email or Text?

Note that the notifications will always be sent via email on the Voluntary Contribution Pricing option. Notifications will be sent via text message on Fixed Fee campaigns if the participant has opted to receive notifications via text message instead of email. The delivery method for campaigns originating in Australia and New Zealand with be determined by Registration Settings on the campaign.

Print All Vouchers

To print all vouchers go to Items > advanced options > print vouchers.

Resend Voucher

To resend a voucher go to Checkout Console, search the participant's name and click Resend Voucher on the far right hand side of the row. 


Download or Edit Vouchers

The voucher can also be edited and downloaded via the 3 dots next to the Resend Option. Downloading the voucher and emailing it directly to the winner may help if the original notification from GalaBid has be caught by a firewall on the recipent's account.