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How do I run a live/auctioneer led auction on GalaBid?

In Items, create a new item, select Locked Item.

By default, a Locked item will be for display purposes only. Participants will not be able to bid on it.

To enable pre-bidding, i.e. accept bids before the auctioneer starts the live auction check the enable pre-bidding box. Remember to uncheck it before the auctioneer begins, if not, participants will be still be able to bid on the item online. Advise the auctioneer on the details of the highest pre-bid. 

To see this in action watch this short video. 

See below for more information on how to take payments on Locked Items. 

To take payment via GalaBid on a Locked item a Volunteer Account is required. 

For campaigns in the US, Canada, Europe (excl ROI) please note that this feature is available on Fixed Fee campaigns and NOT on Voluntary Contribution Campaigns.

  1. To set up a Volunteer account go to Participants > Volunteers. Click Add Vounteer. Add a name for the Volunteer account. 
  2. Uncheck the Verification Box if you wish to cancel the requirement for participants to verify their phone number or email address when they are registered by a volunteer account. 
  3. Next, visit the link to the volunteer account on the device you wish to use to take the payment (perhaps a tablet). Enter the passcode for the Volunteer account to Login. The passcode is found next to the Volunteer Account url in Participants > Volunteers
  4. Once logged into to the Volunteer account open the locked item you wish to take payment on. Enter the winning bid amount. Then, before proceeding ensure you check the box labelled "Take Payment Now." Note that if you do not check the Take Payment Now box, the winning bid will registered and the item will be added to the participant's invoice. By default, invoices are sent to all winners when the silent auction closes. This default can be edited in Control Panel.
  5. Next you will be prompted to select the name of the winning bidder. The name will be listed only if the winner has already registered to the campaign. If necessary, click to register the winner (the link is found above the list of participants). 
  6. Once registration is complete, select their name from the list and Click Pay to proceed. 
  7. Next, select Online Card payment and enter the winner's card details to complete the payment. 

For a full overview of how to set up and login to a Volunteer account and the functions available within it watch this video. Skip to 2:15 on the video for the explanation on how to take payment on a locked item

Kindly note that the recording payments taken outside GalaBid is not available on Voluntary Contribution Campaigns or Fixed Fee campaigns.