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How does credit card pre-authorization work?

Available with which pricing options

Credit Card pre-authorizaton is available with the Fixed Fee pricing option. It is not included in the Voluntary Contribution Option. 

Where to Enable it

It can be enabled at Setup > Payments. 

How it works

Enable pre-authorizaion if you wish participants to be required to enter credit card details before placing a bid in an auction. Note that credit cards are not automatically charged at the close of the auction. End of Auction messages will be sent to all winners including a link to pay. As the card details have previously been entered, it can be a single to process the payment. Alternatively, winners can choose to pay with a different card and enter the new card's details before clicking to process the payment. 

How to manually charge cards

Campaign managers charge credit cards manually. This is the process. Go to the Checkout Console, search for the winner name and click View Invoice. Then click Add Payment. Enter the amount or click Pay in full. Then, select Payment type - Online Payment. The card or cards that have been saved on this account will be available to select. Select the card to and click Pay to process the payment.

Best Practice Communication with Participants 

Campaign managers planning to charge credit cards manually to alert the campaign participants by adding information about the process to the Terms and Conditions. Edit Terms and Conditions in Setup > Registration. Here is an example of the potential wording.

When participating in this campaign you will be required to enter credit card details before placing a bid. At the auction close you will receive a link to view and pay your invoice in a single click or enter an alternative card to make the payment. Note that credit cards are not automatically charged. However, the auction manager reserves the right to process any payments outstanding more than 72 hours after the auction has closed.

Legal Considerations

Note that GalaBid is not able to provide legal advice. Consult a legal professional in your state or country to ensure you are complying with local laws.