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What text message options are available?

Campaign Registration - Voluntary Contribution & Fixed Fee Campaigns

On GalaBid, participants visit the campaign link on a browser and click register. There they can register using social media or by completing the registration form. 

Within the campaign's dashboard, in the top bar on the left hand side the campaign url is displayed. Click on the QR code to view and download the QR code which takes participants directly to the campaign's registration page. 

Note that Text to Register is not available. 


Campaign Notifications are handled differently with each pricing option 

1) Notificaions on Voluntary Contribution Campaigns

All campaign notifications (outbids and end of auction messages for auction campaigns, receipt of ticket purchases in raffles etc etc) are sent to participants via email. Receipt of campaign notifications via text message is not included in the Volunatary Contribution Pricing Option.  

2) Notifications on Fixed Fee Pricing Campaigns

With the Fixed Fee pricing option participants can choose to receive messages including campaign notifications, by text message, instead of email.  

They can do this in one of two ways

 - by checking a box during registration.  


Or, by visiting My Account > Account Details and checking or unchecking the box to choose email or text.


3) Registration Settings on Fixed Fee Campaigns

Default Setting

On Fixed Fee campaigns the default setting for the phone number field is optional and email is required. See Setup > Registration. 

This collects email addresses and campaign notifications are sent by via email by default. The participant must verify their email as part of the registration process. 

This set up also provides participants with the option to change their preference to receive notifications via text message instead of email. If the participant checks the box to receive notifications via text, they will be sent a verification code to their phone. Once they click the link in the text or enter the verification number their phone number will be verified and they will receive campaign notifications via text instead of email. 


All Notificaitons via Text message

To force all notifications on the campaign to be sent by text message switch email to off. No email addresses will be collected and all notifications will be sent by text. 

All Notifications via Email

To force all notifications on the campaign to be sent by email switch phone to off. No email addresses will be collected and all notifications will be sent by text. 

Collect all phone numbers and emails and provide participants the choice of receiving notificaions via text

Set phone and email to mandatory. Participants will be required to enter their phone number but they will only be required to verify their phone number if if they check the box to receive notifications via text message.